Hillstream Loach
Behaviour Peaceful bottom / object dweller
Typical size 5cm
Max size 7cm
Tank Area All Surfaces
Min Tank Size 60cm
Temp Min: 18℃ Max: 24℃
Feeding Pellet, frozen, vegetable foods
pH Range 6.5-8.5
Hardness vs,s,m,h,vh
Hillstream Loach
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Hillstream Loach

Beaufortia leveretti

The Hillstream Loach is a fascinating little fish, but it does require some quite specific conditions. First off, the fish is often miss-identified, or several similar species may be sold under the name of 'Hillstream Loach' or one of the other common trade names. For the purposes of this database and the community creator, any of the species belonging to this family with a similar shaped body can be cared for with the same information as this entry. As the name suggests, Hillstream loaches come from fast flowing stream environments, often at higher altitudes. The fish is uniquely adapted and highly specialised to live in this environment, and it is essential for aquarium care that its natural habitat is recreated as close as possible. The fish has a need for high oxygen levels, so a strong flow of water and plenty of aeration is required. In addition, to maximise oxygen availability and sticking to the fishes natural environment, the temperature should not exceed 24C (75F). Hillstream loaches can be kept in unheated tanks, but not in new aquariums where there may not be enough food to graze on. It is best to avoid the addition of these fish until the aquarium is a few months old. In addition to algae, these fish require a varied diet, which should include pellet, wafer, or tablet foods, some vegetable matter, and some live or frozen foods. Apart from these conditions, the fish are relatively easy to care for and are peaceful towards tankmates. In the right aquarium, they are a fascinating addition and great fish to watch.

Family Balitoridae (River Loaches) | Synonyms Gastromyzon leveretti | Other names Borneo plec, Borneo sucker, Chinese butterfly loach | Origin Asia, China | Breeding Possible, but rare and unlikely | Natural Habitat Fast flowing streams | Sexing Difficult, may be a difference in size and/or width

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