Knight Goby
Behaviour Shy, timid, territorial, predatory
Typical size 7cm
Max size 9cm
Tank Area Bottom, middle
Min Tank Size 75cm
Temp Min: 22℃ Max: 26℃
Feeding Sinking foods, live or frozen foods, may take flake
pH Range 7-8.5
Hardness m,h,vh
Knight Goby Stigmatogobius sadanundio
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Knight Goby

Stigmatogobius sadanundio

Whilst this fish’s body is a fairly dull pale grey colour, it has a body speckled with black dots and being a goby, has a unique movement and differing finnage to the usual tropical fare. Although often sold as a brackish fish, Knight Gobies are usually found in freshwater habitats and can be kept in either freshwater or mildly brackish conditions. These fish can be aggressive, particularly towards their own species so they are best kept singly, or given plenty of space for each individual. Tank mates should also be of a similar size and robust nature, particularly those that inhabit the same lower region of the aquarium. Other fish that are small enough to eat will be considered food. Having said this, overly boisterous or aggressive species should also be avoided since the Knight Goby is a generally timid and shy fish. Knight Gobies are sand sifters, and will dig amongst the substrate so a sandy bottom or fine grade substrate is preferable. Places to hide (caves, bogwood, plants) are essential since the fish can be sensitive to bright lighting. Provide good water conditions and filtration to maintain health. Whilst not a fish suited for beginners, the Knight Goby has plenty of character and is an excellent fish for more advanced fish keepers.

Family Gobiidae (Gobies) | Synonyms Gobius sadanundio, Gobius apogonius, Vaimosa spilopleura | Other names Spotted Goby | Origin Asia: India, Indonesia | Breeding Cave spawner | Natural Water Conditions pH 7-8, soft to hard | Natural Habitat Estuaries, tidal areas, mainly freshwater | Sexing Males have larger anal and dorsal (second) fins and extended fin rays. Females may appear more yellowish

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