Behaviour Slow moving, peaceful, scavenger. Varies in size from one to several cm
Max size 5cm
Tank Area All surfaces
Min Tank Size 30cm
Temp Min: 18℃ Max: 26℃
Feeding Algae, sinking foods
pH Range 7-8.5
Hardness m,h,vh
Apple Snail
  • Apple Snail - thumbnail
  • Apple Snail - thumbnail


Pomacea sp. / similar

The most common snails sold for aquariums are the 'Apple snails'. Identifying specific species of Apple Snail can be very difficult and since several species are commonly sold in the trade, this page applies to large Snails in general, rather than a specific species. In addition, in some countries only a few snail species are allowed to be sold. In the UK, Apple Snail imports will become illegal by 2013

Large ornamental snails are tropical species which can be kept succesfully in most aquariums with small peaceful fish. Unlike 'pest' snail species, Ornamental Snails are unlikely to breed rapidly and overcome the aquarium. The snails will feed mostly on algae and sinking fish foods, and the diet can be supplimented with vegetable matter. Although larger snails will damage delicate plant species they can usually be kept with hardy plants without difficulty. Although a good algae eater, Snails are not the best option for keeping an aquarium free from algae, and algae eating fish will often do a better job. The aquarium should contain hiding spots, air space above water, and a well-fitted lid to prevent the snails escaping. Be careful when using chemicals in the aquarium since snails are very sensitive to heavy metals and chemicals, especially copper-based products. Eventual sizes of snails depends on species and can be anywhere between 5-15cm in diameter for large Apple Snails. Most snails under normal aquarium conditions will live for 1-2 years, although some can live considerably longer.

Family Ampullariidae | Synonyms Numerous | Other names Golden Apple Snail, Rabbit snail, Tiger snail | Origin Tropical Regions | Breeding Under good conditions will breed easily. See main text | Natural Habitat Varied water habitats | Sexing Unlike many snails, the apple snail does have male and female members. Some can be sexed.

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