Pearl Gourami
Behaviour Peaceful
Typical size 10cm
Max size 12cm
Tank Area Middle, top
Min Tank Size 90cm
Temp Min: 24℃ Max: 28℃
Feeding Flake, frozen, live foods
pH Range 6-8
Hardness vs,s,m,h,vh
Pearl Gourami Trichogaster leerii
  • Pearl Gourami Trichogaster leerii - thumbnail
  • Pearl Gourami Trichogaster leerii - thumbnail

Pearl Gourami

Trichogaster leerii

The Pearl Gourami is one of the most commonly available and popular gouramies and is an excellent aquarium fish. Pearl Gouramies are hardy, peaceful, adaptable and beautifully marked and can be mixed with almost any other peaceful fish. Boisterous or aggressive fish should be avoided as this will result in the Pearl Gourami hiding away and refusing to eat. Males may occasionally fight and if kept in small numbers (4 or less) a male may become a dominant bully. To avoid this, keep only females or preferably, keep a larger group. Provide open swimming spaces and plenty of hiding spots amongst plants.

Family Osphronemidae (Gouramies) | Synonyms Trichogaster leerri, T. leeri, Trichopus leerii, Trichopodus leeri, Osphromenus trichopterus | Other names Lace Gourami, Mosaic Gourami, Diamond Gourami, Leeri Gourami | Origin Asia; Malaysia, Thailand, Sumatra, Borneo | Breeding Bubble nester, nest is guarded by the male | Natural Water Conditions pH 6-8, soft to hard | Natural Habitat Heavily vegetated rivers | Sexing Males have pointed dorsal and anal fins and are more brightly coloured

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