Serpae Tetra
Behaviour Peaceful, shoaling, nippy
Typical size 3cm
Max size 4cm
Tank Area Middle, all
Min Tank Size 60cm
Min Number 5
Temp Min: 22℃ Max: 26℃
Feeding Flake, frozen, live foods
pH Range 5-8.5
Hardness vs,s,m,h
Serpae Tetra Hyphessobrycon eques
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  • Serpae Tetra Hyphessobrycon eques - thumbnail

Serpae Tetra

Hyphessobrycon eques

The Serpae Tetra is an active, very hardy and brightly coloured fish that under normal circumstances is peaceful and can be kept in a community. Another side is also present in the Serpae Tetra in that it can be very nippy, taking noticeable chunks out of other fish's fins. Within a group this behaviour is normal and will occur as the groups hierarchy establishes its order, or during the excitement of feeding. If Serpae Tetras are kept in small numbers (less than 5), they are more likely to nip at other fish indiscriminately, and in any numbers they will nip extravagantly finned fish. This one failing should not deter the fishkeeper from keeping these attractive little fish, which providing they are mixed properly, will not be a problem. Keep in groups in aquariums with hiding spots amongst plants.

Family Characidae (Characins) | Synonyms Megalamphodus eques, Chirodon eques, Cheirodon eques, Hyphessobrycon callistus | Other names Blood Characin, Callistus Tetra, Jewel Tetra, Serpa Tetra | Origin South America; Amazon, Guapore and Paraguay River basins | Breeding Egg scatterer | Natural Water Conditions pH 5-7.5, soft to hard | Natural Habitat Standing waters, streams and pools | Sexing Females are more rounded and deeper bodied

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