Zebra Danio
Behaviour Active, peaceful
Typical size 4cm
Max size 5cm
Tank Area All
Min Tank Size 60cm
Min Number 4
Temp Min: 18℃ Max: 24℃
Feeding Flake, frozen, live foods
pH Range 6-8.5
Hardness vs,s,m,h,vh
Zebra Danio Danio rerio
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Zebra Danio

Danio rerio

The Zebra Danio is a well-known aquarium fish and has been a popular choice for many years. As an aquarium fish the Zebra Danio is very hardy, adaptable and well suited to most water conditions and aquarium environments. The fish are active and should be kept in groups, timid fish may find their constant activity a little overwhelming. The fish can be kept in heated or unheated aquariums. A long finned variety and a spotted 'Leopard Danio', a colour morph of the Zebra Danio are also available. The leopard Danio Danio frankei has rather unknown origins and no-one is certain whether it is a cross breed, selective bred variation, or even a naturally occurring species. Both zebra and leopard danios are excellent aquarium fish and well recommended for beginners.
In recent years the Zebra Danio has been genetically modified by introducing jellyfish genes, amongst others, to exhibit a glowing red colour. If you see these fish for sale we recommend you find out about the ethical concerns of such fish before you decide to purchase or avoid these fish.

Family Cyprinidae (Minnows & Carps) | Synonyms Brachydanio rerio, B. frankei, Danio frankei, D. lineatus, Cyprinus chapalio, Cyprinus rerio, Perilampus striatus | Other names Leopard Danio, Striped Danio, Zebrafish, Zebra fish | Origin Eastern India | Breeding Egg scatterer; spawning occurs in early morning, eggs are dropped amongst dense vegetation. | Natural Water Conditions pH 6-8, soft to hard | Natural Habitat Slow-moving to still waters; streams, ditches, ponds, rice-fields | Sexing Females are larger and stockier

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