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Tropical Fish compatibility and Tank Mate checker

People often wonder which fish are most suitable for their tanks, which fish make the best tank mates, how many fish should you put in a tank , what are their natural habitats and origins, how big will they grow to, how do you sex a fish and many more related questions. We've built a great tool to help answer those very questions, which you can use to help plan your aquarium.

sample fish tank

Example tank as it would show on a user profile with enabled settings and community tanks.

The "Community Creator" (CC for short) is a tool which helps you choose fish that can live together, and to monitor the amount of fish in your tank (stock level). If there are any compatibility issues with your chosen fish, a warning message will be displayed. Once you start adding fish to a list, you can search for compatible tank mates.

Searching for fish

The CC and fish search areas can be found on every 'Fish Profile' page from the main navigation bar above. Just select any fish and you will see the "Fish Search" tab at the top of the fish profile.
You can search for fish by name, behaviour, size, or region and even exclude nippy or aggressive fish, or search for plant friendly fish. Once you start adding fish to your 'list', you can also search for compatible fish. Alternatively, use the 'jump' menu below.

To use the Community Creator, just select a fish from the Fish Profiles section in the main navigation menu

Using the Community Creator

The diagram below shows how the CC works, and you can also hover or tap the info icons for more details on each area. Once you have joined you can save your tank details for every time you visit.

Tank Details

1) This area is used for working out your fish tank stocking levels, and saving details
2) You can name your 'fishtank' here. If you are logged in you can save up to 10 different fishtank lists
3) Enter the length of your tank. This is used to work out the maximum size of fish suited to your tank
4) Enter your tanks volume. This is used to work out your stocking level (how many fish you can have)
5) Your tanks filter will affect how many fish you can have, choose your filter type here
6) If you are logged in you can save your tanks details here, or load a previously saved tank

Stocking levels

1) Your "Max Stocking level" is the amount of fish you can have in your tank (expressed in CM of body length)
2) Your stock percentage value shows you how much of your capacity you have used up.
3) Based on your tank length, this is a suggestion for the maximum size of fish you should consider
4) If you want to go back to a fish profile later, click the 'Add to Quicklinks" button and add a link in this area

Your fishtank list

1) This is the list of fish you have added to your tank
2) Alter the quantities of each fish here
3) This is how much of your stocking level these fish are using up Diagram of the Community Creator


1) Green warnings are just suggestions, in this case a note that even peaceful fish may attack shrimps
2) If two fish are incompatible because of their eventual sizes, an error will be shown
3) Orange warnings mean there is a probable issue to be aware of. In this case more Tetras need to be added
4) A Yellow warning is usually a strong possibility, in this case that angelfish might attack shrimps
5) A Red error means the fish are incompatible. In this case Tiger Barbs will nip at long finned Guppies

Recommended fish

1) Once you start adding fish to your tank a list of 'Recommended fish' will appear. These are fish which will positively get along with the fish in your list.

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