28th April 2014

Tetra 60L Aqua Art explorer tank review

aquaart 60l explorer tank

Jane recently acquired a Tetra 60L AquaArt explorer tank and has written us this fabulous review, enjoy!

The Tetra 60L AquaArt explorer tank is my first ever aquarium, and was inspired by my toddler being totally transfixed by an aquarium he saw in an airport recently. I wanted something that would look nice in my living room and be easy to set up and maintain, and I would highly recommend the Aqua Art if you have similar needs. I chose the Aqua Art as I love its clean lines it's a beautiful object. Plus, several little faces can all crowd round at once, and no-one gets the corner, so it gives great views all round.

The hood is also made of clear plastic, and its great to be able to look straight down into the tank. The clear hood also makes a huge amount of difference to the way it looks as I've always thought traditional black plastic hoods look really cheap and tacky.

The light which is included clips to the back on a curved arm so it hovers above the hood, giving lots of light and really opening up the tank. Its also the perfect size to hold enough fish to make it worth it, without having a large footprint, as this tank has lots of height - a great improvement on the traditional rectangular tank shape, in my opinion.

It was deceptively easy to set up, and everything you need comes in the box (except fish and water, obviously!). I sat down with a cup of tea to tackle the ominously large instruction booklet when it first arrived, but soon realised that only a few paragraphs were relevant to the tank's set up, so don't be intimidated! It has everything you need to get the filter up and running and the water fish-ready, so you don't need to wait long to get your fish.

I started with three fancy goldfish, and they look majestic, swimming round, and up and down. There are lots of different ways to dress the tank, but as mine is for toddlers, I lose any cool points and went for bright colours and plastic things for the fish to swim around. You could get quite creative though as this tank has real height to play with for a 60l tank, and some tall plants in contrasting colours would look really striking and elegant.

The heater works like a dream, and the aquaart is warm to the touch when set on 25 degrees, which impressed my fish shop owner no end! Apparently his tank heaters never achieve the actual heat they are set to in a rectangular tank!

As I get more confident with looking after fish competently, I plan to eventually switch to salt water to make this into a marine tank. My son is desperate for a clownfish and sea anemone, so I am hugely excited about the next phase in its life!

Ed says: Jane has advised us that since writing this review that the aquaart aquarium is now being enjoyed by the children and staff at the Crouch End branch of myCreche an innovative start up providing child care in London. Thanks so much for this Jane, we all hope that you all get hours of continued enjoyment! Tags: Tetra


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