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Whatever you call it, if you've got good content which would benefit our visitors then we are more than happy to host it as an article/blog on our site, following a few guidelines of course...


If you wrote the piece, you get the credit! We'll add author details, including any Google+ codes in the article. If you are submitting on behalf of a company, we'll add your logo and links to the page.

Unique content

We only accept unique content, so we will check any text submitted against a Google and Copyscape search to make sure it has not been duplicated from elsewhere. This includes your own website(s).

Self promotion or product promotion

We understand that posting an article on high-traffic sites like Think Fish is a great way to promote your product, business, or brand - but we also have high standards for our content. Any articles/posts must be above all else non-biased, informative, and useful to our readers. We'll let you get away with a few plugs, but if you submit an article about 'blue widgets' it should be about blue widgets and not just your blue widget.

Formatting, size and images

If you've got one or two good images to go with your article, great, if not we have a huge library and will find something appropriate. We'll also make some minor changes to your text and grammar for design purposes.

Articles should be a minimum of 500 words and ideally below 1500

Subject matter

As long as its fish keeping related, and not already covered in detail by other articles on the site, then it should be fine. If you think you would like to submit an article but are short on ideas, or you are a business looking for a way to get coverage for your product or store, then get in touch and we can suggest some subjects.

How to submit your post/blog/article

Just send us your text as an email, rich text, or word attachment, along with any images to or call us on 07720 054200

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