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Aquascaping is a term used to describe the art of arranging plants and decor to create a display inside an aquarium.

Different styles of aquarium such as planted, Amazonian, brackish, rocky etc. can all be described as 'aquascapes'. For the fish in the aquarium, a good aquascape is one which provides for their needs, often based on the environment they would be found in nature. For the fishkeeper, or viewer, an aquascape should be interesting and pleasing to the eye.

Functionality can also be included in aquascaping such as the use of decor to hide equipment, or the use of specially designed substrates for plant growth.

A good aquascape has a direct effect on the health and wellbeing of the fish in the aquarium. An aquarium which is totally different to the fish's natural environment (for example a bare tank with bright fluorescent gravel and a few ornaments, stocked with fish which come from shaded, sandy, vegetated waters) will be a very stressful environment for the fish and they will be likely to suffer from ill health.

In contrast, providing an aquascape that provides the fish with plenty of hiding spots and natural surroundings will give the fish a sense of confidence and safety, resulting in a calmer fish with improved health and colour.

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