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Neon Tetra Disease

Affected fish

Angelfish, Barbs, Rasboras and Tetras are most commonly affected.


A sporozoan parasite, Plistophora hyphessbryconis, which appears as collections of spores in muscle tissue. The tissue is gradually replaced by the spores and becomes visible as a whiteish area. Fish contract the parasite through eating dead tissue of infected fish, although there are likely to be a number of causes of infection.


Affected areas become lighter and the fishes colouration over affected areas is lost. In Neons it is typically seen as a loss of colour, especially the blue region, followed by swimming difficulties and death. In neons and other tetras, it is common for the disease to spread through a population, resulting in a series of deaths.


Not a lot can be done to prevent infections, although quarantining of succeptible species can be employed to look for outbreaks. If the disease occurs it is best to remove and euthanase affected fish to prevent spreading


No known treatment.

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