How Much Should I Feed?

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Many fish keepers tend to overfeed, and this is the major cause of several aquarium problems. Overfeeding will encourage snails and algae, make the aquarium look unsightly, and cause water quality problems, which can make your fish ill or even kill them.

Correct quantity and frequency of feeding involves a little trial and error and will be different depending on which fish you have. For general community fish a good method is to feed your fish as much as they will eat in a minute without any food sinking to the bottom or being leftover. If any food does sink to the bottom before being eaten, your fish are not hungry enough and you have overfed.

Scavenging fish that feed from the bottom should be fed their own sinking food and should not rely on 'leftovers' from floating foods.

In a new aquarium less than a few months old it is best to stick to feeding once a day, but this can be increased later on to twice a day. It is actually better to feed several times a day but very small amounts, but this can be hard to achieve without overfeeding.

Keeping a close check on water quality by testing regularly will give you an indication of whether you are feeding too much. It is worth noting that the feeding guides printed on the side of fish foods are often exaggerated and may cause you to feed too much.

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