How Do I Grow Plants?

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There are a few basic things plants need to grow, most importantly substrate, light, carbon dioxide and nutrients. Even though plants help the overall health of a tank, and have a direct and beneficial influence on your fish, many fish keepers do not have these conditions right from the start and often give up on plants.

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1 - Substrate
The substrate in a tank should be the area where nutrients build up and are stored so that the roots of plants can access them. If the substrate has too big a grain size (over 2-3mm) there will be too much oxygen flowing through and nutrients will be oxidised and unavailable to the plants. A good substrate should be several cms deep and of small grain size (1-2mm) but not as fine as sand. Getting your substrate right is the most important thing to keep plants.

2 - Lighting
The more light the better, and lights should be on for around 10-12 hours a day. Adding reflectors, replacing bulbs over a year old, and making sure cover slides are clean are a few quick steps to making the most of your lighting.

3 - Carbon dioxide and nutrients
If you only have a few plants, and/or stick to hardier varieties, you can get by without adding additional carbon dioxide or nutrients since a small supply of these is continually produced by your fish. To get the best out of a wide variety of plants it is worth looking at adding fertilisers and carbon dioxide to the tank.

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