How Do I Choose Plants?

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Starting off with plants can be a little daunting, but it is much better to have live plants than artificial substitutes. Getting conditions right for a wide variety of plants to thrive is relatively easy but requires a fair bit of research as well as good advice - there are several articles on plant care in our articles & guides section.

Most fish keepers choose plants to fill areas of the tank - tall plants for the background, small plants for the foreground. If you are starting off it is best to stick to adaptable and common varieties such as vallisneria, a tall grass-like plant for the background, or cryptocorynes, a smaller plant for the foreground.

Java Ferns are one of the hardiest aquarium plants available and these can be rooted onto rocks or wood as well as on the substrate.

Most fine leaved or red leaved plants can be a little tricky, as well as some of the foreground grass-like plants.

If you have not set your tank up specifically with plants in mind, you may be limited to a 'trial and error' technique to see which plants do well in your tank.

Ultimately, which plants you choose is up to you, and is a matter of personal preference, but you can take inspiration from display tanks at your retailer, do some more plant research, or simply try the ones you like and see which do well.

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