What If I Go On Holiday?

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For weekend breaks of up to four days, most established fish tanks will cope absolutely fine without feeding, but for longer periods you need to put some kind of feeding program in place.

Food 'blocks' are available which will supposedly last for up to two weeks, although it is not always easy to ensure the right amount of food is released and it is easy to pollute the tank using food blocks.

A better option is to use an automatic feeder, which will supply an adjustable quantity of food to your fish once or twice a day. Most automatic feeders do not work well with flake foods, which absorb moisture and become stuck in the feeder, so it is a good idea to get your fish used to a pellet food, which will work better.

An even better option is to get someone to come in and feed the fish, but it is very important they get the quantities right, overfeeding while you are away is just about the worst thing that can happen and will lead to all sorts of problems.

Do your aquarium maintenance a week before you go away, not the day before, because if any problems crop up after maintenance you will not be there to sort them out, and if someone else is looking after the fish give them the number of your local retailer in case of problems.

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