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Choosing A Marine Fish Tank Style

All-in-one Marine tanks

Purchasing a complete setup is an easy way to get started with marines and is usually cheaper than buying all the various bits of equipment separately. Most larger retailers will have their own range of complete systems, but they can also put together a package based on a particular aquarium style. A complete all-in-one setup also eliminates the problems of making sure skimmers and other items fit properly, since this will have already been taken into account.

marine fish tank nano

Nano Marine Fish Tanks

In recent years, the popularity of 'nano' tanks has grown due to better technology and methods of care and nano tanks can be a good way to get started. The term 'nano' simply refers to smaller aquariums and although cheaper, they do have some disadvantages. A small aquarium for marines means that even greater care needs to be taken to monitor water conditions since changes will happen more rapidly, so it is arguable whether or not a nano tank is ideal for new marine fish keepers. With a nano tank you will also be very limited in your choice of livestock and may only be able to keep a small number of fish and corals which do not grow too large. Filtration in nano tanks tends to be built-in to the aquarium so make sure there is room to add additional media if required, and check the build quality carefully since many nano tanks are quite cheaply made.

Custom built Marine Fish Tanks

For larger aquariums or to fit a particular space or style, many retailers have a range of aquariums which can be custom made to a given size and specification. These aquariums are ideal if you know exactly what you want, and can be modified to include sumps, extra items of equipment, and space for the exact skimmer you choose to use. Creating a custom built aquarium will take a bit more research and time, and may cost more, but will enable you to keep a larger variety of stock and create better conditions for your tanks inhabitants.

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