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Think fish is the online tropical fish resource for everything you need to know about freshwater aquarium fish and tropical fish keeping

If you are looking for fish care and advice, then we have a wide breadth of tools and advice which will help you create your perfect tank, with guides, how to's, pictures and advice from people who have spent years rearing and keeping fish.

Fish Tank Tools and Calculators

fish tank calculator

Work out a fish tanks...everything

Use our fish tank calculator tools : Calculate aquarium volume, weight, surface area and stocking levels whatever the size or shape of your aquarium.
All the conversions and formulas you need.

Tropical Fish Forum
fish forum

Visit our forum and join a discussion

A good place to find helpful fish keepers and ask, or answer, a few fish keeping conundrums. We cover a variety of topics covering fishless cycling, fish-in cycling, fish health, stocking, best heaters to use, food and feeding advice and more. Check out our beginners fish-keeping advice thread for a good example of how we can help you!

Fish Profiles & Compatibility
guppy fish on black
siamese fighting fish fish on black
platy fish on black
molly fish on black
cardinal neon fish on black

Searchable Fish Profiles

Find the right tropical fish for your aquarium from our fish profiles - detailed information on sexing, behaviour, size, habitat, origin and more along with photos of your favourite tropical fish.
SEE Tropical Fish Profiles

Fish Community Creator

Add your chosen fish to our web app and see if they are compatible - it will alert you on conflicts, best tank mates, minimum sizes and more. You can also save your tank and flex fish numbers up or down.

Tropical Fish Species Guides

Find out more about popular fish

Get detailed information on the hobby's most popular and interesting fish, with detailed information on how to care for them and ensure that your aquarium is a success.

Fish Starter Guides

Start keeping fish the right way

Keeping tropical fish can be a tricky hobby, here's some articles which should help you navigate your fishy world

Keeping our Fish Users Informed

Think Fish Reviews

We occasionally review products that our users and visitors might find useful. Check out our Tetra Aquaart Tank Review and tell us what you think!

Featured Fish keeping Articles

Interesting aquarium fish & fish tank articles

Increase your fish keeping knowledge with our interesting collection of articles and fish keeping guides

Click to read the Latest Tropical Fish discussions from Thinkfish users.

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